Partners in Financial Empowerment


Supporting newcomers to succeed financially

Managing money in Canada can be complex, especially in today’s world with so many financial products to choose from and different options on how to pay for goods and services. To ensure that new Canadians have the best chance to achieve their financial goals, Prosper Canada has designed Money Management Tools for Newcomers to support new Canadians as they settle in Canada.

Providing customized information for newcomers

Two tools are available for use by newcomers and settlement workers. The tool for newcomers helps new Canadians assess their knowledge of money management in Canada through an anonymous questionnaire they’re asked to complete. A customized report is generated at the end. The tool for settlement workers helps them guide newcomers through a series of money management questions. At the end, a report is generated with only the information related to the specific needs and priorities of newcomer clients.

Money Management Tools for Newcomers are designed by Prosper Canada with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Prosper Canada partners with government, business and community organizations on financial empowerment strategies that remove barriers and help more Canadians to prosper..